Friday, 13 January 2012

Assemble the World

"My notes have a curious tendency, as I realize at last, to annihilate all they purport to record."

This is an interesting case of talkin' 'bout not what you're thinking. Have you noticed it? The bigger things (much bigger than the things he's talking about) are standing up behind his back. Even the words are hiding the real picture. They are more like a wrapping paper for the thoughts… not thoughts... purports.

What I hear is "get things out of their symbolical cage, out of commonly acceptable pattern, out of wrapper, watch them naked, see them, then wrap them in your coat, bring them home, and when they've been warmed enough reassemble them in the way only you can do. And that what real creativity is".

In short less you know more you understand easier you play G-d.

BTW, go to the man's site!

This was the first post on my blog. Join the bicycle ride of thoughts, I guess!

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