Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Why nobody can help your to defeat your procrastination?

No x-steps annoying articles, no fat-inspirational-so-called-"books" will help! 
I know why and I'm not going to write a long post for saying this:

 Nobody except you can grab your balls! 

Reasons? Well, if you really need it:

 You internal urge/need is called internal or immanent for a reason.
 Only you know how to grab... yeah.
 No other guy experience will be helpful to you before you actually grab... ok, ok, ok.. because the driver here is your pure will, not the knowledge of it.
 Most of procrastination defeating "methodologies" are based on stick-and-carrot paradigm, but your carrot's size... and color are as unique as your grabbing techniques, see point .
 There is no one size / one complexity / one sequence algorithm (this is why procrastination sounds like Procrustes so much... having no relation though) - you have to variate and to be  creative  to win!

So grab... and then promise that you've done with reading steps-articles and develop your own very effective and utterly unique strategy, implement it and become productive! :) 

P.S. If you need help though... the advice is the same: find yourself a  coach!  

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