Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Stupid quote: a quote ripped out of context.

Ideas are commodity. Execution of them is not.
- Michael DellMeans any quote.

Wanna proof? Putting the name of Michael Dell under the bubble cannot return the saying to the context. Out of the context it's just wrong!  Ideas from those who have an ability to execute them are a commodity!  This is how it should sound and it was in the right context.

Don't believe me believe Dr. Rob Adams:
First of all, ideas are commodities. Look at any industry, any product or service offering, and what you really see is improvement on the existing standard versus uniqueness in the offering. These improvements can be continuous or disruptive, but in either category, to the customer they are nothing more than incremental improvement around the financial return, usability, quality, or experience of your competitor. This explains why management teams are so important; if new offerings are commodities it's execution by the management team – what I like to callexecution intelligence – that makes the difference in the market.

Read the full article "Ideas Are a Commodity, It's Execution Intelligence That Matters" on +Inc. where +Dell is brought as an example of this.

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